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PRISM: Sneak peek at this amazing holographic pigment

Hello dear readers,

Have I got a spectacular product to show you today! PRISM by Social Claws is a holo chrome pigment, when it’s applied over a tack free topcoat with a silicone tool you can achieve a very linear and fiery spectral rainbow.

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Angela, the seller, says this can also be used over regular polish. Since I haven’t tried over regular polish I’ll be going over the steps to use over gel.

Some of you may have seen my previous post on multi chrome pigments, the technique for application is the same but I’ll go through them again.

You will get the most linear, fiery, smoothest finish using the following items: Tack free top coat and a silicone tool.

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PRISM looks more fiery and saturated over black or darker colors. The effect is more subtle over white. To apply the pigment layer, use the silicone tool to squeegee a small amount of pigment (a little goes a long way) onto the nail. I found that using a circular motion to gently massage onto the nail works best with the Akzentz no wipe. I did have some missed patches that I just applied a little more powder to and gentle pressure to get complete coverage. Angela provides what I call a “finger condom”, lol, with the pigment and this is the key to getting the smoothest, most linear effect. Simply roll onto your finger and rub gently over the nail to smooth down the particles…you’ll see the difference right away. Once it is smooth, float a layer of the tack free top coat and cure and apply a second layer of top for more durability. So just to recap order of layers: base coat, color coat, tack free top coat, PRISM pigment, tack free top coat x2.


Over neon gels – sunlight
L to R: Gelaze That’s Shore Bright, LeChat Coral Coronation, LeChat Honeysuckle, Gelaze Shocking Pink
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Over black and white – sunlight
Left: IBD Whipped Cream, Right: LeChat Black Velvet
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Pretty awesome, huh?!  Check out the video below for all the swatches under indoor LED lighting.

Products used:

PRISM by Social Claws
Akzentz Shine On
LeChat Black Velvet
IBD Whipped Cream
LeChat Honeysuckle
LeChat Coral Coronation
Gelaze Shocking Pink
Gelaze That’s Shore Bright
Silicone tool