Stamping Plates


Marianne Nails stamping plates

Hi everyone, I finally got my Marianne stamping plates from a group buy over on the Adventures in Stamping Facebook page. First, I’d like to give a big shout out to Yvette Perez, the group buy organizer. This was probably the most easy, organized and pleasant group buy I’ve...


Pueen “Encore” Special Edition Stamping Plates

Hello dear readers, I’m pleased to show you Pueen’s newest collection, the Special Edition “Encore” plates. These come nicely packaged in a red vegan leather album secured with an elastic gold bow. Inside you will find a set of 4 plates encased in vinyl sleeves. Each plate is etched...


Dashica Infinity Nails Stamping Plates 51-75

Hello readers, I am very pleased to show you scans of the newest Infinity Nails stamping plates. Shirley Dashica has generously sent me plates 51-75 for review and I will be doing a series of videos showcasing these along with the first 50. I plan to show about 10...


Pueen Stamping Plates: Set 24B Stamping Buffet

Hi readers! I just received my new Pueen Set 24B Stamping Buffet plates in the mail today and I couldn’t wait to show you the scans. I’m really liking the trend of the all-over engraving, there are a lot more options creatively than working within a single square image....


CiCi & SiSi stamping plates

Hello readers, Just a quick post to show you the  CICI & SISI stamping plates. I got these from Amazon for a reasonable $29.99 for 6 plates. They come in a nice sleeved, faux leather folio with a small squishy stamper/scraper and they included 2 sheets of water decals....