Best lil’ Nail Show Texas

Hello dear readers, This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Best lil’ Nail Show Texas, a nails only trade show. I had a great time meeting the people who make some of the products that I use and discovering new ones. I was so caught up...

yt 1000

1000 YouTube Subscribers

Hello dear readers, I just wanted to share that I have just reached my 1000th YouTube subscriber! I honestly never thought that my passion for nail art and gel polish would interest so many people. That so many people have joined me in my passion is quite humbling. I...


UV/LED Nail Lamps: Are They Safe?

Hello dear readers, I’ve had many people tell me that they want to try gel polish but have heard that the UV/LED lamps used to cure it causes skin cancer, thank you Dr Oz and mainstream media! Now, I’m not a scientist, chemist or professional nail technician, I’m just...


New Look for My Blog

Hi everyone, I decided I wanted a cleaner, easier to read look for my blog so I’m trying out this new layout. I’d appreciate any thought’s or opinions you might have on the new look.

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Black gel polish comparison

    Hello dear readers, Ever since I started using gel polish a couple of years ago I have been in search for the perfect black cream. I have 8 brands 7 of which I will feature in this post. The 8th, Gelez Pitch Black turned into a gross,...