Hello! My name is Kim and I have a passion for nail art and gel polish. I’m about to let you into my obsessed little world of all things nails so sit back, relax and I hope you enjoy the ride!

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    1. Stacey

      Love all the beautiful videos. You are an amazing artist! How do you have your cuticles so perfect? Are you constantly pushing them back? I heard you shouldn’t trim them but mine look messy when I push them back so I wind up trimming them off.

      Also any tips for the gel manicure as far as nail prep? Do you buff your nail at all? I worry they will get thin so I don’t buff them but I am seeing lifting after a week.

      Thanks so much!

      1. Kim

        Hi Stacey, when I do my manis I push the cuticles back and trim them, I know they say not to but I do and have never had any problems. I use cuticle oil or balms to keep skin soft, I don’t get hangnails as long as I use the oil.

        I don’t buff, gel polish stays put on my nails so I’ve never had to buff or use bonders. If you have problems with lifting you may want to try a PH Bond on the tips. Buffing lightly with a super fine buffer shouldn’t damage your nails.

    2. Sev

      Hi Kim I love your tip on glueing the crystals with the g.base coat but when compleatly covering the nail with Ss4sand 5s putting a top coat totally ruins the sparkle effect on the crystal would u suggest anything else?? Would love to hear back from you x

      1. Kim

        You could use a small art brush to apply the topcoat around the gems rather than covering them. I’m not sure how long the gems will stay on but you could try it.

  1. Mal Timmons

    Yeah, obsessed too! I have been a Nail Tech for many years, Acrylic, nail art.etc..But no clients ever wanted SOGs.I have good nails, so decided to order some for myself! And the rest is history! Can actually do peoples nails without mine all coming off! Nice to be in touch with you, mostly using Harmony Gelish, but would love your feedback on others. As long as they have full overage on nail..love your site…Mal…UK x

  2. Sayro

    Thanks to you I am interested in SOGs – just ordered the Gelish Starter Kit from Nail Polish Canada and cannot wait to get it and get started.
    Love your site and love your work.

    1. Kim

      You’re wallet might end up hating me, lol….gel polish is addicting. Gelish is a good product to start with. I’m happy you like the site and my work. If you have any questions or requests just let me know :D.

  3. Claudia

    Your nails are stunning. How do you get them that long? I love super long nails.

    1. Kim

      Hi Claudia,

      Thank you! Gel Polish is how I’m able to grow my nails long (although they aren’t right now, I had to cut them down). Gel polish give’s my thin nails the added strength they need to avoid breaking.

  4. Glenda

    I very much enjoyed your site! You do beautiful work & I got lots of new ideas. Gelish is also my brand of choice. Thank You!

    1. Kim

      Thanks Glenda…glad you visited and got some ideas!

  5. Maria

    I’m so glad I found this site. I would love to see a video tutorial for a French manicure – white tips. Thank you! Maria

    1. Kim

      Hi Maria,

      I’m glad you found my blog! A french mani tutorial sounds good, I’ll plan on doing that next :D.

  6. PinNails

    Hello Kim, Thanks for sharing your beautiful creations in the nails. I’m also a fan gel polish and loved your ideas and online videos. The structure gel gems is great, i will try I also have the same nails sticker and did not know how to use them.
    I’m so glad I found your blog, greetings from Chile. Paola.

    1. Kim

      Hello Paola,

      I’m very happy you found my blog and like my videos, I do enjoy making the videos and if you have any suggestions just let me know :D.

  7. Laura

    I am new to SOG too. I have tried to Remove my polish a few times but I think I go to far. They have gotten so soft. I don’t know if I’m doing something wrong or not. I’ve tried soaking in cutex acetone and tried the gelish nail wraps with the gelish remover. Then I found the acrygel and I put that on. At least they don’t bend back anymore with my gel polish on. Any suggestions? Any videos or tutorials on removal? Thanks for help.

    1. Kim

      When I first started with gel polish I was very impatient and was a little rough with removal and ended up with thinner nails than I already had. Now I make sure I soak off long enough that most of the polish falls off with minimal scraping of any last bits. I use straight acetone from Sally’s mixed with a little glycerine and water (check out Loodie’s recipe here: http://loodieloodieloodie.blogspot.com/2011/07/moisturize-your-nails-with-acetone.html

      As long as you aren’t aggressive with your removal you should see your nails getting better. I’ve also been seeing some ladies posting their results using a new product called IBX Restore and Repair, this works from the inside of the nail out to repair and restore nails back to a healthier state. You might want to check that out if you don’t want to keep using the AcryGel.

      I don’t have a video tutorial on removal ( well, not yet :) ) so you can check out Chickettes post on how to do a proper removal here: http://www.chickettes.com/video-how-to-remove-gel-nail-polish-from-home/

      1. Laura

        I have been practicing and keep my patience. I finally got the polish removed and nails are fine. This past weekend i did apply the acrygel to my nails then the sensationail polish system. Now my some of my nails are peeling from the ends. I don’t know what I did wrong. Can you help? I did cap the ends the best I could. My nails are short and are just growing out. Help!

        1. Kim

          Sometimes you just can’t get a good cap on really short nails…that sound like the problem. A solution to the lifting or peeling on the tips might be to try some PH Bond just on the tips before you apply the base gel. If you do try this just be aware soaking off may take longer on the tips. :)

  8. Robbin Allan

    Hello Kim, LOVE YOUR ARTWORK ! The deco pieces combined with Swarovski are simply stunning. Have you checked out the added brilliance of the 2058 cut (of Swarovski ) verses the 2028 style? For all that glitters, you can’t beat the 2058 Swarovski. Keep up the great video’s, thanks for sharing.

    1. Kim

      Hi Robbin,

      I have not seen 2058 Swarovski but they sound fabulous, I’ll have to check them out. Thank you! :)

  9. Angela

    This blog is so awesome! Thanks bunches Kim.
    I’ve been linking to your videos on the IBD Just Gel and LeChat Perfect Match swatch groups on Facebook. Fun crowd, mostly nail techs and ultra gel fans.

    Uhm, if you ever had a moment between beautiful creations, is there a gel polish silver frost you can recommend?

    1. Kim

      Hi Angela,

      Thanks for linking my stuff, I appreciate it! As far as the silver, I’ve had my eye on LeChat The Silver Screen. Since I don’t have it yet I can’t personally for the color but it looks like a nice silver frost. I think next time I’m in my nail place I’ll pick it up.

  10. Angela

    Thanks Kim! That LeChat silver does look really great. I had Gelish Night Shimmer and it was pretty, but paler than I was hoping for. I have olive skin, so it reflected very light. Points for sparkles, I s’pose? Hee.

  11. Michelle

    Hi, have you done the same comparisons with pinks & coverage as you have done with blacks & whites? It has been a great help.x

    1. Kim

      I haven’t done a pinks comparison…I don’t own a lot of pink gels but I can do the ones I have after I finish with the main series.

  12. Brittany

    Hi Kim! Can you shoot me a quick email – I have some plates I’d like you to try :)

  13. Cheri

    Hi Kim,
    I adore your blog! Besides your beautiful art, I really enjoy reading your posts. They always have a personal touch. Your talent and creativity are endless:) I found your site through Chickettes about a year ago and have been reading your blog ever since. I’m just sending a note hoping that all is well with you. I’ve noticed you haven’t had an entry in almost a month, which seems out of your “norm”.
    Wishing you good thoughts!:)

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much Cheri…I’m glad you enjoy the blog. I’ve made a new post for your reading and viewing pleasure :D.

  14. Julie Shaker

    Hi Kim,
    Your bronze nails are gorgeous! I’m in Connecticut and I don’t do nails, but are you near here? Or do you know anyone that does these in CT?

    1. Kim

      Thanks very much Julie. I live in Texas and unfortunately I don’t know anyone who lives in Connecticut.

  15. Bar

    Hi, Kim,

    I saw this line at the beauty supply store yesterday. Since you seem to be the Chrome Queen, I wanted to make sure you know about it: http://www.mirroreffectgel.com/#!mirror-effect-gel/ckdk. I couldn’t find any reviews online, but it seems the brand is really trying to address some of the things we shiny addicts really want: they have mood colors, crackle finishes, and sculpting gel too. Of course, none of this does anybody any good if the stuff doesn’t work . . .

  16. Gerza

    Hi Kim. You’re artwork is absolutely beautiful. I used to just occasionally paint my nails – all 10 the same single colour – but like you have thin weak nails and was never able to grow much of a free edge despite spending a fortune on so many “miracle” products. I only started using sog a few months back after I came across your site thinking it would be the last resort and now have nails as long as yours and you’ve inspired some of my own beautiful works! I’ve never been able to save a crystal though. You’ve said in tutorials if you’re careful you can reuse them. Are you able to advise how to remove and save crystals? I use Swarovski but by the time I buff off the top coat they’ve flown all over and under my work space and the foil backing is still on the nail.
    Oh and you’re right – it is so addictive. I always finish a set and start planning the next one.

    1. Kim

      When I had designs with embellishments I would not file the top coat…I would just soak off a little longer and the gems would just fall off…most I can reuse..some would have the foiled base come off but for the most part I could manage to save the majority of them.

  17. Jonathan

    Hi Kim,

    I am one of the rare men who love nail gels. Started using it for playing the guitar and finally fell in love with it – use it regularly – and even work in the nail industry now. Your blog has been very helpful. Keep up the good work 😉

  18. Jonathan

    Would love the opportunity to send you some of our free samples and to quote your blog on our Facebook page in exchange for a quick review on your blog.

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