Sprites pigments and flakes by Social Claws

Hi dear readers, I’m excited to share with you a new collection of pigments and flakes from Social Claws. Ya’ll know by now I love chrome and I love holo, so you can imagine how I happy I was to receive the awesome Sprites collection. 8 gorgeous colored chrome/holo...


Luminaura Aurora Pigment by Social Claws

Hello dear readers, Have you ever wished for magical, enchanting iridescent colors at your finger tips? Drool-worthy, envy inspiring nails that you could spend hours, days even, staring at? Well, now your wish can come true! Luminaura Aurora pigment from Social Claws is a game changer. It is truly...


Review: Chromeleon by Social Claws

Hello dear readers, I’m very excited to share with you these gorgeous new Chromeleon multi-chrome pigments from Social Claws! Many of you may remember back in June I posted about a cool application technique using automotive multi chrome pigments from Didspade. Many people expressed concern about using pigments for...


New Mani: Art Deco Style Black and Silver

Hello dear readers,   Well, as you can see I have a new shape, courtesy of Norma at Xclusive Nail Salon in Houston. After cutting down my natural nails due to several breaks I decided I wanted to try a longer almond/stiletto style. This is my first set of...


New Mani: Pink Chrome with Hand Drawn Design

Hello dear readers,   This week’s mani was inspired by Angela Zeleny on Facebook, she posted a gorgeous pink chrome mani and I just had to try my Crystal Nails Pink ChroMe gel polish. Thanks for the pink inspiration Angela! She used Jewelry Jel Pikka Pika¬† pink chrome gel...


Weekly Mani: Copper Chrome Nail Design

Hello readers,   I finally found time to do my copper metal design using Crystal Nails ChroMe Gold Rose gel polish that I gave y’all a sneak peek of a few days ago. I have been in search of a gel chrome that wasn’t such a chore to get...


Sneak Peek: Chrome nails

Hello readers, I was hoping to have a new mani to show you this week but house cleaning, a late dinner and just not feeling very well was not very conducive to starting one tonight. So I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what I’ve been...