Easy Valentine Rose Design

Hello readers! I hope everyone is having a wonderful February. I have an easy rose technique to share with you today. All the samples are done over one coat of LeChat Black Velvet gel polish with the sticky layer intact. For this first sample I will be using Moyra...


Sprites pigments and flakes by Social Claws

Hi dear readers, I’m excited to share with you a new collection of pigments and flakes from Social Claws. Ya’ll know by now I love chrome and I love holo, so you can imagine how I happy I was to receive the awesome Sprites collection. 8 gorgeous colored chrome/holo...


Luminaura Aurora Pigment by Social Claws

Hello dear readers, Have you ever wished for magical, enchanting iridescent colors at your finger tips? Drool-worthy, envy inspiring nails that you could spend hours, days even, staring at? Well, now your wish can come true! Luminaura Aurora pigment from Social Claws is a game changer. It is truly...


Review: Chromeleon by Social Claws

Hello dear readers, I’m very excited to share with you these gorgeous new Chromeleon multi-chrome pigments from Social Claws! Many of you may remember back in June I posted about a cool application technique using automotive multi chrome pigments from Didspade. Many people expressed concern about using pigments for...


New Mani: Art Deco Style Black and Silver

Hello dear readers,   Well, as you can see I have a new shape, courtesy of Norma at Xclusive Nail Salon in Houston. After cutting down my natural nails due to several breaks I decided I wanted to try a longer almond/stiletto style. This is my first set of...


New Mani: Pink Chrome with Hand Drawn Design

Hello dear readers,   This week’s mani was inspired by Angela Zeleny on Facebook, she posted a gorgeous pink chrome mani and I just had to try my Crystal Nails Pink ChroMe gel polish. Thanks for the pink inspiration Angela! She used Jewelry Jel Pikka Pika¬† pink chrome gel...


Weekly Mani: Copper Chrome Nail Design

Hello readers,   I finally found time to do my copper metal design using Crystal Nails ChroMe Gold Rose gel polish that I gave y’all a sneak peek of a few days ago. I have been in search of a gel chrome that wasn’t such a chore to get...


Sneak Peek: Chrome nails

Hello readers, I was hoping to have a new mani to show you this week but house cleaning, a late dinner and just not feeling very well was not very conducive to starting one tonight. So I thought I’d give you a little sneak peek of what I’ve been...