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I’ll probably use a few abbreviations, acronyms or terms that some might need a definition of so here is a list of some that may be used.


BM – Bundle Monster, usually used in reference to stamping plates.

Capping – refers to painting the free edge (tip) to help prevent chipping and tip wear.

CG – China Glaze

Deco – Decorative nail art pieces

Dupe – short for duplicate. Refers to one brand’s color looking like another brand’s color.

Flash Cure – curing in an LED or UV light for a few seconds. Helpful when doing nail art with gel polish

Holo – short for holographic. When light is reflected off holographic particles they produce a rainbow spectrum

IRL – in real life

RCM – Red Carpet Manicure gel polish

RNP – regular nail polish

SH – Sally Hansen

Shrink back – when a gel polish pulls (shrinks) away from the tips or cuticles before curing

Sog – soak-off gel. A type of gel polish that soaks off easily with acetone.

TIO – Gelish Top It Off gel top coat

Undies/Underwear – using a more opaque color under a more sheer color

VNL – visible nail line

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  1. Marcia Barnes

    I love your work. Can you use gel paint for 3D work over regular polish?

    1. Kim

      Yes, you can. The gel will need to be filed or soaked off when you are ready to remove.

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