Weekly Mani: Gradient Stamp Design aka I Need a Housekeeper

Hello dear readers,

Well, as the title implies I need someone to clean my house from now on, apparently I can’t be trusted with a vacuum cleaner because this happened:


I’ve already been nursing two more tears on other nails in addition to a tear on this nail and I guess I did not patch it securely enough…and it’s my photo hand, of course.  So, I will probably be cutting down my nails (at least that’s the way I feel right now, I’m not sure if I want to mess with sculpting a tip each mani). So on to the pretty pics of my other hand :).

To say I’m slightly obsessed with the negative space look is an understatement, I decided to change it up by doing a gradient stamp. This is super easy, really, it is!


I started with a coat of base gel, cured and then a coat of LeChat Top Sealer, cured and removed the tacky layer. I then chose a Dashica Big SdP I image and applied Konad Blue Pearl on half the image and Konad Blue on the other half and then swirled the polish in the center to blend a little and stamped the nail. Two coats of top coat and done! Super easy and sure to get noticed.


Gradient Stamped Mani

I’ll be uploading a quick video on how I did this in the next day or two, stay tuned!



5 comments on “Weekly Mani: Gradient Stamp Design aka I Need a Housekeeper

  1. Natasha

    Although I’m sad for you that you lost a nail, it’s good to know you have the same crosses to bear like any average (and perhaps not-so-artistically-inclined) person. But the mani looks awesome! :-)

    1. Kim

      Oh yes, I definitely suffer like everyone else with thin nails….I just cut them all down after breaking another one at work. Just when I ordered a lot of new stamping plates…oh well.

  2. Kristin

    I am nursing three torn nails right now, so I feel your pain. Thankfully with gels I actually have nails.
    Love your design.
    Do you have a favorite brand of plates?

    1. Kim

      Thank you Kristin…I just cut them all off after breaking yet another one at work :(. My favorite brand is Dashica and second is MoYou, But I just ordered some Marianne and Pet’la plates and they look gorgeous so I might have some new faves, lol.

  3. Kristin

    Thanks for the great blog. I have several Moyou, holiday options seem to be limited
    Through amazon, so I was anxious to find other brands.
    Thanks again. Your information and artistry is appreciated.