Marianne Nails stamping plates

Hi everyone,

I finally got my Marianne stamping plates from a group buy over on the Adventures in Stamping Facebook page. First, I’d like to give a big shout out to Yvette Perez, the group buy organizer. This was probably the most easy, organized and pleasant group buy I’ve been involved in and Yvette is the reason and she did this and another group buy all while going to law school! So, big thanks to her for tackling the project!

Now on to the plates. I have 11 scans to show you. You may sense a theme, I’m kinda obsessed with the lace designs so I think I ordered every plate that had them, lol. These are my first Marianne plates and on initial inspection the images are gorgeous with no obvious etching mistakes. The plate size is the same MoYou and Infinity and have the same plastic backing and the full nail images are approximately the same size as the Infinity’s.

They come prettily packaged in a beautiful black sleeve with lovely glossy flourishes and a cute white ribbon. The plate itself is attached to a paper card that slips into the sleeve and it has helpful stamping instructions printed on the back of the card.

marianne plates

I have not test stamped them yet but I will have a video up in the next day or so reviewing the plates, so stay tuned. In the meantime, here are the full size scans.

You can purchase these plates here.

Marianne 27

Marianne 28
Marianne 54Marianne 55
Marianne 57
Marianne 64Marianne 68
Marianne 74Marianne 78Marianne 79Marianne 80


6 comments on “Marianne Nails stamping plates

  1. sissy

    hi they are beautiful plates……can u tell me the measurements of the full nail design?

    1. Kim

      Hi, the general dimensions of each rectangle image is 2cm x 1.5cm.

  2. Giovana

    How do I order gels and stamps ?

  3. Cheryl Filbeck

    Are these still available to buy? IF SO, where do I go to buy them snd how much are they?

    1. Kim

      Yes, they are. Click the link under the first picture to see the plates and how much.

      1. Cheryl Filbeck

        Is plate 54 still available for purchase? I dI’d not find it in selections?