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Video: Marianne Stamping Plates Review

Hello readers,


Here is the Marianne stamping plate review video I promised. Test stamps shown in second half of the video. Hope you find it helpful!



3 comments on “Video: Marianne Stamping Plates Review

  1. myishia simmons

    How did you order your Marianne plates because her site doesn’t work? I would like to place and order from her, but I would like to see what she has available. Do you know where I can do that at? Also how much is it per plate? Thanks

    1. Kim

      I got mine through a group buy. I just checked her site and it works fine. The site is in french so if you haven’t already, download the Google Chrome browser so you can translate the pages. The price is in euros, just do a goggle search for euro to dollar conversion. Each plate is 6.50EU. As of today, the conversion to dollars is 8.10USD. Not including shipping. Here is here Facebook page to view the plates:

  2. beudy

    I hardly wait your advice on those lace plates