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Pet’la Stamping Plates

Hello dear readers,


I have 6 gorgeous new stamping plates from Pet’la to show you this week. The first thing you’ll notice is these are not engraved in the typical stainless steel, they are brass and have a beautiful golden glow. They do not have a plastic backing but they did grind the edges a little to reduce the risk of slicing a finger however the edges can still cut,  I would still recommend handling with care and do not let young children handle without supervision. The images are generously sized, certainly big enough to completely cover most size nails. Because the plates are brass they will patina and tarnish over time, all that’s needed is a tarnish remover like Brasso to bring back the natural golden luster.

The designs are beautiful and well etched with the exception of one image on the Puzzles plate which I’ll show you in a moment. I also noticed on the limited edition Mehndi plate (only offered for the Adventures in Stamping group buy on Facebook) that the designs are etched more shallow than the other 5 plates. I will have a video uploaded shortly showing off these gorgeous plates and some test stamps. Now on to the scans!

Golden Russian: russian and eastern culture patterns and motifs
Pet'la- Golden Russian

Tu-Turkey-Key: traditional and folk art turkish patterns
Tu-Turkey Key

Wishes 2: popular customer images
Wishes 2

Peacock 2: elegant designs inspired by peacock feathers and dreamcatchers
Peacock 2

Puzzles: designs inspired by puzzles, labyrinths, and crosswords

LE Mehndi: traditional paisley and other henna patterns and motifs
Mehndi- Limited Edition

Now for the one image that has the flaw. It’s minor and because the image is so generously sized it will not be an issue.


If you are interested in these plates you can purchase them through Pet’la here.

Stay tuned for the follow-up video review with test stamps.



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  1. houps

    best plates ever.