Weekly Mani: Elegant White Framed Nail Design

Hello readers,


I wasn’t going to do a new mani this week because I liked the black lace one so much but then I got a pretty little parcel in the mail from Angela, one of my Facebook friends and fellow nail addict. She sent me a little pot of a gorgeous glitter that she has named Freezure. It’s a beautiful translucent white that sparks a lovely green, blue and orange. It’s like looking at sparkling snow! I decided to pair it with a simple framed white nail and a pretty stamp. Now to the pretty pictures, I hope you like it!

Here’s the glitter


For the glitter nails I simply applied the glitter into the tacky layer  of the base coat with an art brush, smoothed to make sure all the pieces were flat and then topped with 1 coat topcoat, cured and did not wipe tacky layer. I then applied a second layer of glitter into the sticky layer and topped with one more coat of topcoat and wiped tacky layer. I chose an image from Born Pretty plate L-003 and used Konad White to stamp. Applied 2 coats top coat to make sure stamp does wear away.


Born Pretty 2
For the framed nails I used Mosaic Snow White gel paint to draw out the frame and then topped with 1 coat top coat and wiped tacky layer. I used an image from Pet’la plate Wishes 2 and stamped again with Konad White, cleaned up the excess stamp on the frame with non-acetone and topped with 2 coats top coat. and done!



Products used:

Gelish Foundation
Mosaic gel paint
LeChat Top Sealer
Konad White stamping polish
Pet’la Stamping plate
Born Pretty Stamping plate


6 comments on “Weekly Mani: Elegant White Framed Nail Design

  1. Anne

    Your manicure is beautiful Kim as was your black lace manicure. I noticed you used the new LeChat top coat; have you used the new LeChat Ultra Thin Varnish yet?

  2. Jnc

    So beautiful. I would love to do this one. Thanks for posting.

    1. Kim

      I would love to see it if you do!

  3. Nora

    Tell me, my dearest what is the name of the glitter which you had used?.TY

    1. Kim

      Hi Nora,

      That’s a custom secret blend of glitter and pigments that was a gift to me from a friend, so unfortunately I don’t know exactly what is in it :(

      1. Nora

        I am really sorry to hear that…it is amazing!