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Review: Uber Chic Stamping Plates with Test Stamps

Hello dear readers,


I’m excited to share with you stamping plates from a new indy stamping plate maker, Uber Chic Beauty. These a plates designed and made by stampers for stampers with an eye toward trendy, eye catching designs. The owner, Brittany Hull, kindly sent me Set 1 for review so let’s get to it!

The technical stuff:

Each plate measures 9.5 cm by 14.5 cm. Each full size design measures approximately 2.1 cm by 1.7 cm. The back of the plates are lined with a thin PVC sticker to help protect from sharp edges. Each set is $24.99 USD with a flat rate shipping cost of $5.99 and she does ship international!

The fun stuff:

Plate # 1-01

This plate is loaded with lots of bold geometrics and fun images. I love the line image on the top row and the kaleidoscope images. And I always love me some scrolls and flourishes. All the images on this plate stamp beautifully.

Uber Chic plates-1-01-large 2

Here are the test stamps from this plate:


Plate # 1-02:

This plate has gorgeous florals and motifs. There are lots of intricate fine lined images that stamp fantastically. The only image I had issues with was the rose image on the top row, right. Because of the amount that has been engraved out, the larger spaces make it difficult, at least for me, to get an even stamp. All the other images stamp great.

Uber Chic plates-1-02-large

Test stamps plate 2

Plate 1-03:

This one has lovely flourishes and scrolls and bold images. I especially fancy the netting image and the Esher type image on the fifth row, left.

I did have some problems with the image on the top row, second from the left. I just could not get a good stamp, when I ran my finger over the image I could tell that it’s engraved quite shallow. The top portion stamps a little better.

The flower image second row, 2nd form the left was another one that seems to be a shallow engraving and I had to work very fast to get a good stamp.

The top 4 small images in the center were also problems, again they seem to be engraved too shallow…I tried 5-6 times, but the key designs were difficult to get a good transfer and that star design just would not work.

Uber Chic plates 1-03-large

Test stamps plate 3

Overall, I am quite impressed with the quality of the plates and the images. Brittany has done a wonderful job with the variety of fresh, trendy and classic designs and all for a reasonable price. So head on over to Uber Chic and show the love for this promising new plate maker!


*Note* plates were provided to me as a press sample for honest review.


8 comments on “Review: Uber Chic Stamping Plates with Test Stamps

  1. debra630

    Beautiful review. And the plates are gorgeous. Price is excellent. I wish you had done a test stamp of the peacock. Looks lovely.

  2. Debra Smith

    Is there a coupon code? I want to order!

    1. Kim

      Not that I know of, at least not yet.

  3. Jskkdnn

    Use simply as a coupon code it gets 10% off

    1. ellie

      do you know of another code? that one expired

  4. kettlebelle7

    I am not new to stamping, but recently bought Collection 5 from Uber Chic. I cannot pick up ANY images from these plates. (Yes, I peeled the protective blue film back.) I used 3 different stampers and 3 different stamping polishes, plus regular polish. Nothing. Then I tried those same tools on a different brand plate, and it works just fine. Any insight on why this may be happening?

    1. Kim

      If your stampers and polishes are picking up on other plates then I would guess that the etching on the Uber Chic plates is possibly too shallow to pick up an image. I would contact the seller and explain your issue and even make a short video showing them the problem and see if that will replace them.

      I will say, all the UC plates I have stamp perfectly (I don’t have collection 5) so it may be just a bad lot.