Weekly mani: Quilted Nail Design

Hi everyone,


I’ve been wanting to try a quilted look for a while now and with the Mosaic gel paints and a stamp it was easy, if just a little time consuming.

First I did one coat of IBD Whipped Cream, cured and wiped the sticky layer. I then stamped, in Maybelline Bold Gold, a net design from Lesly plate #14.


Then, with Mosaic gel paint in Snow White and fine detail brush, I filled in the diamond shapes, leaving the gold lines to show through. I added enough gel paint to give it a puffy, 3D look and then flash cured after every 3-4 spaces I filled. Once all were filled, I cured fully for 1-2 min in LED lamp. Topped with one thin coat of topcoat.


For the other nails, I chose a cool line image from the new Uber Chic plate #1-01, stamped with Maybelline Bold Gold and then added some metal studs.


Overall, this is a very easy design to do, especially using the stamp as a guide but it was a bit time consuming filling in the spaces.


I hope you like this week’s design and stay tuned for the video how-to!


Products used:

IBD Whipped Cream
Mosaic Gel Paint
Maybelline Bold Gold
Uber Chic Stamping plate #1-01
Lesly Stamping plate #14
Japanese Metal studs


12 comments on “Weekly mani: Quilted Nail Design

  1. Manna

    This is very unique, I love it.

    1. Kim

      Thank you!

  2. thesmallgirl

    OMG, this is amazing! Great idea, and wonderful execution! :)

    1. Kim

      Thank you very much!

  3. Kirsten Steward


    1. Kim


  4. Laura

    The quilted look is impossibly good. :). And I am in love with that gold-on-white stamping! Wonder if I have anything similar . . .

    1. Kim

      Thank you so much Laura!

  5. Simone Bourque

    I love all your nail art! I am searching for a REALLY good detail brush or a small set of brushes. I have cheap ones that don’t work. Can you suggest a specific brand and sizes that are available on a web site or perhaps ebay? I actually bought a nail art set by Red Carpet Manicure that is quite good, but I am afraid to wear them all out.Thank You !! P.S. My IBD Whipped Cream is streaky, do you need three coats?

    1. Kim

      Thanks so much! I have many different brushes and so many different brands, I really like the Silver Ultra mini series, the 12/0 round is my favorite detail brush right now. Just do a search for Silver Ultra Mini and you’ll find lots of places to buy.

      As for Whipped Cream…when I first got the bottle is was slightly thinner and a little streaky on the first coat but evened out on the second coat. As the polish has thickened slightly I find I can get a relatively streak free first coat. My bottle is about 8 months old now.

  6. Karen

    I recently started doing my own gel manicures and found your videos on YouTube (which I love by the way…really find the brand comparisons useful). I’m enamored with your 3D nail art tutorials but have to wonder how much harder is it to remove considering that the gel is thicker? Do you have a different process for removing these types of manicures?

    1. Kim

      Hi Karen,

      I usually will lightly file the top coat and any thicker gel nail art down a bit before soaking off. Some gel paints can be a little stubborn so filing down and about 5 minutes more for soaking off helps.