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Video Tutorial: Quilted Nail Design

Hi all,


Here is the companion video tutorial for this week’s quilted nail design. I hope you find it helpful and please feel free to share your designs with me, I would love to see them!



7 comments on “Video Tutorial: Quilted Nail Design

  1. Anna

    Hi! Thank you for this great video. I was wondering: Is the gel paint soak off removal or file off removal? Thank you!

    1. Kim

      The gel paint is soak off however with the thicker layer on this design I will file down to break the seal for a normal soak off time, 10-15 minutes.

  2. jode pawsey

    Hi there, I think you said that you’d leave a link or some info on where we can get the gel paint from & the brush that you use but I can’t find it. Would you mind giving me that info? Thankyou :)t

  3. jode pawsey

    Hi again, I have found where I can buy the Mosaic gel polish however by the time I buy it & then have it posted to my country (Australia) it’s going to cost me approx $50.00. Shipping is around $30.00 so I was wondering what other gels would work just aswell Mosaic or something that’s very similar….or a gel that I can atleast try some of the Mani’s that you do?? Thanks in advance for your help :)

    1. Kim

      Akzentz has a line of nice gel paints…not sure what shipping would be to Australia though. I’ll ask around for a Aussie brand of gel paints. As for the brush I used, I got it from a local art supply store but it can be found online. It’s the Silver Ultra Mini 12/0 pointed round. Here’s a link to a single brush but they also come in packs :

  4. jode pawsey

    Hi again, Sorry to bother you but are you able to tell me what other products work like the Mosaic gel product. As I mentioned it’s going to cost me over $50 to have it shipped here to OZ :)

  5. jode pawsey

    Oops, veto my last Question. I have seen that you answered it. I am very sorry. Guess I should open my eyes a lil more. :) :)