Weekly Mani: Copper Chrome Nail Design

Hello readers,


I finally found time to do my copper metal design using Crystal Nails ChroMe Gold Rose gel polish that I gave y’all a sneak peek of a few days ago. I have been in search of a gel chrome that wasn’t such a chore to get a good smooth chrome effect. I have a few Bundle Monster metallic gels (I have some more from Jewelry Jel to do more comparisons) but I just could not get an even coat, at least on my samples and they are VERY thin and watery. I had horrible pitting that no matter how careful I was with the brush strokes kept developing. Crystal Nails ChroMe is a little different, the formula is thin but not nearly as much as the BM’s, ChroMe is also more pigmented than the BM chromes. The ChroMe application is definitely more forgiving although it’s still best to do a 3 stroke method (left, center, right). Over-brushing is the nemesis of these gel chromes and they require a very smooth surface to look their best, so nail prep is important. This product also requires the special no-wipe ChroMe top coat for lasting results and a haze-free, streak-free finish. And yes, it does make a difference what top coat you use, I tried a few just to see the difference and all the ones I tried horribly dulled the chrome effect and were streaky.


I know all this sounds like a lot of effort and I suppose it is if you compare it to applying regular chrome polish but this product really has a fantastically smooth metal effect, even better than regular polish in my opinion.  So, on to how I did this mani!


After lightly buffing my nails to get a smooth surface, I used my usual base, Gelish Foundation, cured and wiped the sticky layer. I shook the ChroMe Gold Rose well and wiped the excess polish off the brush, very thin coats are the key, do not cap the free edge. You’ll notice that it looks rather shimmery at first but as you move on to paint the other nails the polish will start to smooth out into a shiny metal finish. I cured in a UV lamp for 3 minutes but you can use an LED lamp for 60 seconds. I shook the bottle again and then applied a second coat and cured for 3 minutes. I topped with one coat of the special ChroMe top coat and cured for 3 minutes.  Now, you can call it done at this point and enjoy your perfect chrome mani but I just had to add some 3D artwork.


I used First Gel’s Finx gel (it’s sold as a foiling gel but I found it great for drawing fine lines) and a fine detail brush to draw out the designs and cured in the LED lamp for 30 seconds and wiped the tacky layer. I then added one more coat of ChroMe over the nail to cover the design and cured in the UV lamp for 3 minutes. I used watercolors in Burnt Umber and Black to distress the design, I added a square metal stud and placed a Swarovski crystal in the center on the two accent nails and topped all with 2 more coats of the ChroMe top coat.

copper metal

I love this brand and you’ll probably see a couple of more metal manis so thanks for putting up with my obsession, lol. If you try ChroMe, please share your pics, I would love to see them…you can post them over on my Ten Little Canvases Facebook page.

I hope to have a video tutorial up soon!


Products used:

Gelish Foundation
Crystal Nails ChroMe Gel Polish
Crystal Nails ChroMe Top Coat
Finx foiling gel
Swarovski crystals
Metal studs


9 comments on “Weekly Mani: Copper Chrome Nail Design

  1. Mom

    Love this one! Subtle good taste.

    1. Kim

      Thanks mom!!

  2. Savannah Hoover

    Simply gorgeous!! You are truly talented when it comes to nail art… :)

    1. Kim

      Thank you very much!

  3. Susana Castro

    amazing, I hope you have a video tutorial up soon too!

  4. Chrissy

    Positively beautiful! At first I though the designs were nail charms added to the top of the polish!! I think a tutorial is needed for this!! <3

    1. Kim

      Thanks Chrissy, video is up!

  5. Debra oliva

    When doing a design on a plastic swatch stick do you need to file the plastic lightly then apply you first layer of gel?

    1. Kim

      I’ve never had to file a swatch stick yet. The no-wipe top coat worked fine right over the plastic.