Weekly Mani: Pretty Lilac Vintage Design

Hello dear readers,


As you may have seen, I’ve been doing a lot of metallic manis lately (and will probably do more :D) but this week I decided to try my new Crystal Nails One Step gel polish and some new First Gel gel paints I bought recently. I did a pretty vintage look that I hope you’ll like.


The Crystal Nails One Step gel polish is an all-in-one product, base, color and top in one bottle. You apply one coat to the prepped nail, cure and you’re done. The bottles are available in .1 oz or .27 oz, both are smaller than most other gel polishes but since you only use 1 coat it should last a while.  Like most other all-in-one gel polishes, the shine is not quite as glossy as using with a top coat but it’s still has a nice shine. The gel is very thick but applied easily, it levels nicely and color was opaque in one coat. I applied 2 thin coats for the added strength and was pleased to see it wasn’t bulky. Soak-off is supposed to only take 5-10 minutes and wear up to 3 weeks. So far, I am impressed with this product but I will have to see how this wears and if there is any fading.  Just a note about the Crystal Nails website, the color dots for the One Step’s are not very accurate as you’ll see in the product image below.

*Note* For this design I did use a top coat to protect the artwork.


After I applied 2 coats of CN Neon Orchid # 61, I used my First Gel gel paints to draw the flourishes, the oval frame and the frame around the nail. I chose Jet Black to do the base design and then used Royal Nude to go over the black to give it a vintage look. I used a little TruGel Marshmallow (white) and painted it inside the oval frame and then used Rich Berry to draw the miniature roses. I applied a bit of clear builder gel in the center of the oval over the roses to give it a slight 3D feel and then topped everything with one coat of top coat.







For those interested in purchasing the First Gel paints, I have provided 2 links, one directly to the First Gel shop in Germany and one to a UK distributor. Shipping from either country will be pricey, around $20-25. The prices are better at the Germany site because the Euro exchange rate is better than the British Pound rate, the downside is the site is in german and you’ll need to translate it (I use Google Chrome) to figure out how to order. You select your items, fill out name and shipping info, agree to terms and conditions and submit order. Victor will then send you an email with a total in Euros and you’ll send payment through PayPal. I received my previous order within about 8 days. The UK site is easier to order from but you will pay more due to the higher British Pound rate.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s mani and I’ll try to have a video up soon.


Products used:

Crystal Nails One Step gel polish
First Gel gel paints – German site
First Gel gel paints – UK site
TruGel Marshamallow
Gelish Structure (builder gel)



7 comments on “Weekly Mani: Pretty Lilac Vintage Design

  1. Teal

    You are so talented. Just beautiful.

  2. Manna

    Wow. That’s the only words I can think of for this!! So very pretty

  3. Joanna B

    How do you like the crystal one-step??

    1. Kim

      Hi Joanna,
      It’s my first time using it but I really like the application, it’s thick but not sticky so getting an even coat was easy. The shine is good but not quite as glossy as with a top coat. After a week of wear it’s still perfect, no tip wear and no fading. Now I just have to see if it removes as easily as they claim.

  4. Laura

    This is just . . . Incredible. :)

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