Review: Nail of Queen (N.O.Q.) Gel Products

Hello readers,

Recently I was sent some samples from Nail of Queen (N.O.Q.) for review and I’m pleased to show you a few of the products and let you know my initial thoughts about them.


Nail of Queen is a Korean gel brand that is just recently starting to distribute in the US. They have many exciting and interesting products like their  3D Volume gel, 3D gel in a tube, Crystal Gel and of course an extensive line of gel polishes. All of their products are soak off and can be cured in an LED and UV lamp.

This first product is their 3D Volume gel.

It is a very thick gel paste that is used to form 3D designs such a flowers or other shapes. The advantage of using the Volume gel over acrylic powder and monomer is the gel paste allows you to work the product as long as you wish before curing it place and there is no strong odor. You use a brush and cleanser or alcohol to manipulate the paste into the shape you want and then you cure it. Here is a sample I did to show what you can create with this paste.


Here is their Crystal Gel

It comes in a pot with a nice big crystal heart on top. This gel polish is a more pigmented product. I found the application to be slightly sticky but it levels quite nicely, one medium coat offers opaque coverage. While playing with the product I discovered the sticky consistency actually makes this a very nice gel paint. It held lines perfectly with no spreading. Here is a sample I did using it as a paint.


Next up are 3 colors of Gelly Queen gel polishes.

These gels are all really quite nice, two of the 3 colors were opaque in only 1 coat with no streaking, pitting or skipping or shrinking. I haven’t had a chance to wear these yet but when I do I will update y’all on wear and soak off. Here are a few closeups of each color.

#46- one coat

#90- one coat

#19- 2 coats

And finally, here is the 3D tube gel.

This tube gel has a fine tip that allows you to ‘draw’ with the gel to easily create designs. I found it takes a little practice to squeeze with even pressure to get consistent lines. The gel is not as smooth or thick as the 3D Volume gel but it hold its shape nicely. I haven’t had much time to play with this product but it’s certainly a great way to create fun designs.

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Check out my companion video to see demos of some of the products:

Note: All products provided for free from N.O.Q.