New Mani: Crystal Nails Blue Tiger Eye Polish with Hand Drawn Accent Nail

Hello dear readers,

I have a very simple mani this week using one of the Tiger Eye polishes I gave a little preview of last week.

I didn’t want to take away from the cool kind of moonstone effect so I just did a single accent nail using the gel paint/acrylic powder technique from last month. I started by applying 1 coat of the polish and curing. I applied a second coat and held a single line magnet closely over the uncured gel for about 5-6 seconds. If I didn’t get the line where I wanted I simply re-brushed the polish and held the magnet over it again. Cure for 30 seconds (LED), topcoat and done! The effect is really cool as the line seems to move as you move your hand (see short video clip of this effect below), I can’t stop staring at them, lol.




For the accent nail I topped the polish with a matte topcoat. I then used Mosaic Blue Metallic gel paint that I lightened with a little Mosaic Snow White to make a baby blue and I hand drew the flourish design, sprinkled some clear acrylic powder into the uncured paint, tapped off the excess and then cured for 30 seconds in an LED lamp. It’s a simple but interesting look that I hope you enjoy as much as I do.


This week’s mani in action:


Products used:

Crystal Nails Tiger Eye gel polish
Mosaic Metallic Blue and Snow White gel paint
CND Retention+ clear acrylic powder