New Mani: Pink Chrome with Hand Drawn Design

Hello dear readers,


This week’s mani was inspired by Angela Zeleny on Facebook, she posted a gorgeous pink chrome mani and I just had to try my Crystal Nails Pink ChroMe gel polish.

Thanks for the pink inspiration Angela! She used Jewelry Jel Pikka Pika  pink chrome gel and Akzentz Shine On No Wipe top coat.

I kept it relatively simple this week, I just did 2 accent nails and left the others unadorned so I could enjoy the smooth foil-like chrome goodness. These chromes are very eye-catching and the smoothest I’ve tried, so far. As I wrote in a previous post about the Crystal Nails chromes, application is relatively hassle-free but they do require a smooth, tack-free surface to get the most bang for your buck. I used a no-wipe top coat as the base (after using my Gelish base) that came with a chrome polish kit by VPP but any no-wipe, tack-free top coat should work. These also require the no-wipe topcoat to preserve the super smooth chrome finish. Using tops that have a tacky layer do not play well with the chrome gels, you’ll end up with a more shimmery finish.

I started with a coat of Gelish base and cured. Then one coat of a no-wipe top coat and cured. I then paint a very thin layer of the Crystal Nails ChroMe #12 Pink chrome gel, I avoid over-brushing as this can result in pitting and gaps and did not cap the tips. I let the polish air dry for about 1-2 min, you’ll see it start to develop the smooth, chrome finish right before your eyes, and then cure in a UV lamp for 3 minutes. I applied one more coat of chrome, air dry, cure for 3 minutes. I then applied 2 coats of the no-wipe top (curing each coat, of course) making sure to cap the tips.


For the accent nails, I used First Gel gel paint, Mauve Mist, to draw the design over the base no-wipe coat and cured and removed sticky layer with alcohol. I then applied 2 coats of the chrome  polish, air dying and curing between coats. I applied 2 thin coats of the no-wipe top and done.


And because my light tent diffuses the glare of the light and makes the photos look somewhat matte, here’s a cell phone pic and short video clip showing the awesome metallic finish:


I hope y’all enjoy this week’s design and if you try the ChroMe polish I would love to see your work. Stay tuned for a tutorial on the design, coming soon!


Products used:
Gelish Foundation
Crystal Nails ChroMe #12 Pink
First Gel gel paint Mauve Mist
Crystal Nails ChroMe Top – no-wipe


4 comments on “New Mani: Pink Chrome with Hand Drawn Design

  1. Athena Hacker

    I love this! I’ve been playing with 3D underdesigns lately, but have been uninspired. This looks fantastic!! Would you mind if I tweeted a picture of this, with a link to this page?? 😀

    1. Kim

      Thank you very much and I don’t mind you sharing :D.

  2. arachne646

    The work you do on this page really is inspired.

  3. Laura

    Aaaah . . . So great. I never know how you come up with all the amazing flourish designs. :)