Review and New Mani: Madam Glam Gel Polish with Antique Gold Design

Hello dear readers,


I was recently sent a few samples of Madam Glam gel polish and I wanted to incorporate both colors in a new mani. Madam Glam also kindly sent me a base coat and a top coat which I used for this mani as well.

The colors I received were a soft baby pink cream and baby blue cream. The first thing I noticed is the top of the bottle has a clear section that has an accurate representation of the color inside, no need to open the polish, very handy! The first thing I did was swatch on my clear swatch sticks, both colors are very nicely pigmented and they applied flawlessly on the swatches. No pitting or separating. I applied in thin coats, 2 coats being perfectly opaque. I had already drawn all over the mani before taking pictures to show the color so here are some swatches, first set is one coat and second set is two coats.

one coat-madam glam

2 coat-madam glam

Now, a little about the Madam Glam Base Coat. I’ll be honest, I don’t like it. It kept separating and pitting on my nails, almost like my nails were oily (which they weren’t, I had just used a nail brush and warm soapy water to clean them like I always do). I had to keep brushing it and then hurry and flash cure to try and prevent the separating. I’ll admit, I like the Gelish base for the thicker formula and the short, stubby brush which prevents too much product from being applied, the Madam Glam base has a regular brush and thinner formula so I was constantly wiping the brush to try and keep the coat thin.

After applying the base and curing I started applying the 2 colors for my mani and I had terrible shrink back, even after wiping the sticky layer, I still had to fight the shrink back. I though this was a little odd since the colors applied flawlessly on the swatches. Since I had already applied the base to one hand I got my trusty Gelish Foundation and applied it to my other hand and tried the colors and they applied perfectly, so it looks like the Madam Glam base is the culprit.

I used the Madam Glam top coat on a previous mani and I have to say it’s quite nice, very shiny and durable with no skipping or pitting. I would say it is similar in wear and shininess to my fave top coat, Kiss brand. So since it’s more difficult to find the original Kiss gel top, the Madam Glam top is a great alternative.

Now onto to the design. I decided to try a gradient. Anyone who has tried gradients with gel polish know they can be a challenge. I practiced a couple of times on swatches and they came out really nice, it helps that the polish is more pigmented than some others. I simply painted one side of the nail in the blue and then painted the other side with the pink and then using the bottle brush I kind of pushed the brush in a stuttering motion down the center then lightly brushed from cuticle to tip to help blend the colors, when it was well blended I cured and did a second layer doing the same technique, be sure to wipe the brush so the colors don’t combine in the bottle. Two coats was enough for me but you may need more depending on the opacity of your polish. I topped with the MG top coat and removed the sticky layer.


For the nail art I used my Crystal Nails #0 Short brush and Mosaic Black gel paint and painted the design and cured. I then went over the black with Mosaic Pure Gold to give an antiqued look, cured and wiped the sticky and done!

Stay tuned for the video tutorial!



Products used:

Madam Glam: Baby Blue #426 and Baby Pink #66
Madam Glam: Base and Top Coat
Mosaic gel paint: Black and Pure Gold
Crystal Nails #0 Short art brush



6 comments on “Review and New Mani: Madam Glam Gel Polish with Antique Gold Design

  1. Sharon Medran

    Oh kim these are really lovely….thanks for the tip on gradient with gel. Never have tried it but I have a challenge coming out call pastels I might give it a try!

  2. Michelle

    Just beautiful! ♥ And now I’m prepared to be even more patient when attempting my first gel gradient – thanks for this post!

  3. Jules

    Hi Kim I just wanted to let you know that I had the exact same problems with the base coat as you had but I contacted Madam Glam about the issues I was having and they sent me a new bottle out. The new base coat had none of the same problems as the first and applied well. I have 46 of their colours now xx

    1. Kim

      Yeah, Laura contacted me after the post and said they had a bad batch…glad to know I wasn’t crazy, lol. I think their colors are really nice, I appreciate how pigmented they are. 2 1/2 weeks and the mani still looks great so the base wears great.

  4. Jessica

    Hello Kim.Is this topcoat regular or the no wipe topcoat from Madam Glam?

    1. Kim

      It’s their top coat you have to cleanse. I’ve not tried their no-wipe.