New Mani: Blue and Silver Nail Design

Hello dear readers,

I’ve had the idea for this new mani in my head for a couple of weeks now so I finally soaked off my Madam Glam gradient mani, which, btw, took a longer than other gel polishes…35 min and I still had some stubborn bits which took another 5 min of soaking to completely remove. I guess that’s why the mani still looked great after 3 1/2 weeks :).


For this mani, I started with LeChat Rock Candy, a lovely light blue with subtle shimmer. On 3 nails I did a reverse french with 2 coats of Rock Candy. I then painted a little Akzentz no-wipe top coat in the area at the cuticle so the metallic polish would have a smooth surface. I then painted Crystal Nails Rose Silver Chrome polish over the top coat and cured. To camouflage any unevenness along the curve between the blue and silver, I used Mosaic gel paint in Black to make small dots in graduating sizes along the curve and cured. Using a small detail brush, I painted the silver chrome over the black and cured.  I applied 1 coat of Akzentz no-wipe top coat and cured. I then lightened a small amount of Rock Candy with Mosaic Snow White and painted some scrolls and then sprinkled some clear acrylic powder onto the gel and then cured and dusted off any excess powder.

For the other 2 nails, I applied 1 coat Akzentz no-wipe over the base coat and cured and then applied a coat of the Rose Silver Chrome polish, cured, and applied a second coat and cured. Using a small brush, I painted a crescent shape on each side of the nail with Rock Candy and cured. I then used Mosaic Black again and placed small dots along the curved line and drew the flourish design in the center and cured. Using a small detail brush, I painted more of the silver chrome over the black design and dots, cured and then topped with 2 coats of Akzentz no-wipe top coat.


I love the combination of the velvety look of the scrolls and 3D metallic design, I hope you like it too.

I hope to have the video tutorial for this up soon.



7 comments on “New Mani: Blue and Silver Nail Design

  1. Charlita

    I love your work. I thank you for sharing the how to videos, where you purchase your products etc. I have learned alot from you.

  2. Lissa

    You are truly talented and patient! LOL Gorgeous mani!!

  3. myishia simmons

    I love your designs they’re so intricate and elegant!

  4. myishia simmons

    Will you please do a video tutorial for this design?

  5. Glenda

    Kim, you are such a talented artist! Thank you for sharing your work. This design is gorgeous!

  6. Laura

    Wow . . . They always look so difficult and so lovely. 😀