3D Porcelain Design with Jeweled Accent Nail

Hello everyone,

If you have followed my blog for long you may have seen one my older manis where I did a similar 3D white on white design. For that mani I used 3 layers of white gel paint to get the thickness I wanted.


I wanted to save some time and use fewer layers for this week’s mani so I experimented with mixing the white gel paint with a white gel paste and I was able to get the thickness with only one layer!


I started with a base of IBD Whipped Cream, cured and sticky layer removed.


I mixed a couple of drops of Mosaic Snow White with a little white 3D gel paste to use for the design. Gel paste is a mixture of gel, acrylic and pigments. It has a very thick consistency and is great for forming 3D flowers and other designs but I wanted to be able to ‘paint’ it on so I mixed it with just enough gel paint to loosen it up. Using my fave art brush, Crystal Nails #0 Long, I painted the design and cured. I then painted a very thin coat of top coat to make it look like porcelain.

For the accent nail, I used silver caviar beads and Swarovski crystals. I placed a little clear hard gel (you can use clear soak off gel or base coat) down where I wanted the beads and then placed the Swarovski gems first then I sprinkled the beads into the gel and then manipulated them into the design I wanted. Once everything was placed I cured and then used a little top coat and small detail brush to top the beads to further protect them, I didn’t flood the beads, I wanted to retain the textured feel. I then painted top coat over the remaining white gel polish and cured.



A note about caviar beads: I have several brands of colored beads and none are colorfast (this is because the color simply coats a clear glass bead and is not integrated into the glass). The beads in this design have had the silver wear off the tops and some of the color leached into the gel. I still looks nice but I think it’s because the silver is light enough to not see a huge difference. If you use a darker color, the fading and leaching will more noticeable.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s mani and if you want to see how it’s done check out the video tutorial:

A note about the gel paste: I used EFexclusive HD Elastic 3D gel from but when I recently checked the site they no longer seemed to have the White in stock. I will link to 2 other alternative places where you can purchase a white paste or you can contact to see if they can get the white back in stock. Any brand of paste should work just fine for this technique.

Products used:

IBD Whipped Cream gel polish
Mosaic Snow White gel paint
EFexclusive HD Elastic 3D gel paste
Nail of Queen 3D Volume Gel
Bundle Monster Molding Gel
Recollections Silver Micro Beads
Swarovski Opal crystals
Akzentz Shine On no-wipe topcoat
IBD Hard Gel (not a soak off gel)
Crystal Nails #0 Long art brush


3 comments on “3D Porcelain Design with Jeweled Accent Nail

  1. thesmallgirl

    I was already amazed with your earlier 3D white on white design, but this new design is unrealistically beautiful! Nothing like any others I’ve ever seen before! (I’m saying this while being a nail polish addict for many years, having constantly more than 500 bottles (gave up counting), checking new designs weekly…) If I would have to choose 1 design to wear for the rest of my life, it would be this one with no doubt. Too bad I’m not good enough to create something like this. :’D

    1. Kim

      I do love me some chrome, lol. Thanks for the info, I will go have a look. Glad you like the 3D designs!

  2. Laura

    Lovely as usual. You’ve outdone yourself again. :)