Best lil’ Nail Show Texas

Hello dear readers,

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Best lil’ Nail Show Texas, a nails only trade show. I had a great time meeting the people who make some of the products that I use and discovering new ones. I was so caught up enjoying all the demos that I forgot to take photos of a lot of the vendor offerings, lol…ah well, I’ll remember next time, if there is a next time :D.

Panorama of the show at the Humble Civic Center…so many vendors, so little time!

I spent most of my time watching the pros in action, especially loved the Amy Becker gel sculpting demo, she makes it look ridiculously easy. Also checked out the Tammy Taylor booth for demos on pink and white sculpted nails, AthenA did an acrylic sculpted nail with a REAL baby scorpion encased in it, kinda cool if you can get past the fact you have an arachnid entombed on your nails.  CND ran a “Cut the Cord” promotion and was giving away 800 lamps when you turned in one of your old pro lamps…it was quite the mob scene. AthenA from AthenA Rocks was so very kind to set aside a new CND LED lamp for me, I haven’t tried it yet but I did see it in action at Angela Zeleny’s table where she was doing demos of her fabulous SUGAR / ice nano crystals. It was so wonderful to finally meet Angela in person after all of our endless conversations on Facebook, we had a fun couple of days. I also had the pleasure of meeting Andrea Beight from Chickettes, it was great to hang out with and talk about nails, I hope we can do it again soon!

Andrea, me and Angela

Angela at her Social Claws SUGAR/ice table

One of  Angela’s visitors was Nellie Neal, he rocked the sky high pompadour and some Blackstar SUGAR, what a fun guy!

IMG_7999 IMG_8001

On Monday I attended a one stroke painting class, I learned a few fundamentals, namely the importance of properly loading the brush with paint, using a wet palette to make sure your paint doesn’t dry and doing a pleasing composition on the nail. After practicing some straight and curved strokes we finally got down to the good stuff, flowers!! We learned how to make a basic 5 petal flower, a basic rose, a daisy and some ferns. I will admit, it was harder than I thought it would be, especially the rose,  and I was a bit frustrated by the end of the 5 hours but I know it’s only a matter of practicing some more. I really did enjoy the class and Lauren was so nice and patient.

IMG_8003 IMG_8004

My very first one stroke nail art! Lots more practice is needed :D.

I just want to thank AthenA and the other show organizers and Angela Zeleny for giving me the opportunity to attend my first trade show. I had a wonderful time!



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  1. Angela Zeleny

    So fun and so great to spend time with you in Texas Kim! Your nails were beyond fabulous too!