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Video: How to get the Smoothest Metallic Finish with Duo Chrome Pigments

Hello dear readers,

I have a new video using a different technique for applying pigments onto a gel mani. Angela Zeleny from Social Claws, creator of SUGAR/ice nano caviar, did a post several years ago showing how to use a no-wipe topcoat, pigments and a flat chisel silicone tool to burnish the pigment onto the cured no-wipe top coat. Since pigment chrome nails seem to be all the rage right now I finally picked up a silicone tool to give it a try and I must say, the results are fantastic! Be sure to check out Angela’s Social Claws site for her awesome Chromageddon real silver powder to use with her technique!

You’ll need 3 things:

#2 flat chisel silicone tool                                                           No-wipe gel top coat
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Duo chrome/ Multi chrome pigments

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This clever technique uses the natural static charge from burnishing into a smooth hard surface to get the micro particles to cling to the nail. With this method you will only need a tiny amount of pigment, you’ll use much, much less than if you were applying into a sticky layer. The key to the smoothest, clingiest, most metallic finish is the gel no-wipe topcoat. A top with a sticky layer really won’t give you same results, even with a thorough cleansing the surface is just not glass-like slick enough. Trust me on this, I’ve experimented a lot and the no-wipe is a must. The silicone tool is also essential, brushes and sponge applicators will not give you the smoothest finish, again, trust me on this :D. Keep in mind that microfine powders work best…pigments with larger pieces of glitter, flake, mica, etc will not give you the same result.

And this is the result I was able to get!

In the nail on the left (bottom part) you can see the lettering on my shirt reflected!
Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 12.20.40 AM

You can see the color shift compared to the photo above :D.
Screen Shot 2016-06-21 at 10.28.01 PM

Check out the video for the demo and links to all the products I used are in the info section under the video:


7 comments on “Video: How to get the Smoothest Metallic Finish with Duo Chrome Pigments

  1. Linda Alldredge

    Hey Kim- I ordered a couple of the color shift pearls from Didspade. I didn’t see the 1 gram but 5 grams were available and not as expensive as the super shifts. I swatched Riddler and Ion over black with CND’s top coat (wiped with a lint free wipe- no alcohol) and I’m super impressed. These things are crazy! Thanks for the idea.

    1. Lori

      Hi Kim/Linda
      I’m having some technical issues with the color shift powders I ordered from didspade. None of them are looking like the ones on the video. I even used a silicone tool. I am using Crystal nails no wipe gel top coat, over black gel polish. I have no issues with the silver and gold chrome powders, they look great. The super shift powders are only available in 5g and they are almost 30.00 each. (I called to ask for a 1g) so I got the color shift powders instead.
      Any idea what I might be able to do differently?
      Thanks in advance!

      1. Kim

        The SuperShift are more metallic, more micro fine and more shifty (all of these factors really do make a difference) than the other Didspade color shift…I guess that’s why they are more expensive. I have about 8 of the other color shift and they are nowhere near the same quality, that’s why you are not getting the same results. If you are able to spare the cash, buy one SuperShift and you will see difference.

    2. Venessa

      Hi, are these safe for nails/skin contact? I see they’re pictures on cars for the advertisement on their page. Thanks!

      1. Venessa

        Sorry they are pictured on cars*

      2. Kim

        Hi Venessa,

        In my opinion these pose no safety problem, inhalation would be the only minor safety issue and that’s only if you decide to huff the pigment, lol. That said, I’ll be doing a post in a few days about a cosmetic nail use multi chrome option that is just as rich, shifty and metallic as the Didspade. I’m wearing it now testing the durability. Check back in then to see this exciting pigment!

  2. Lori

    I just ordered some of these powders. Can’t wait to get them. Thanks for putting this on Pinterest!