Review: Chromeleon by Social Claws

Hello dear readers,

I’m very excited to share with you these gorgeous new Chromeleon multi-chrome pigments from Social Claws!

Many of you may remember back in June I posted about a cool application technique using automotive multi chrome pigments from Didspade. Many people expressed concern about using pigments for cars (personally, I have never experienced even one adverse effect from using them over the years and will continue to use them) and I realize that some people, especially nail pros using on clients or people more prone to allergies, want a cosmetic option. Well, great news! Chromeleon was specially created for cosmetic nail use!

Angela, of Social Claws, spent months sourcing a reputable manufacturer and made several changes (to address some of the chipping concerns and make it more metallic) to make this a superior cosmetic multi chrome. Chromeleon is NOT some weak mica based pigment that is frosty and has blah color shifts, oh no, these beauties are super saturated, rich and super shifty, and they apply like butter! Angela and I had lengthy conversations lamenting the fact that most cosmetic color shifters weren’t even close to the Didspade pigments, was it really too much to ask for rich, metallic, insane color shifters for nails, lol? Well, that’s when Angela got to work creating the best possible cosmetic Tri and Quad chromes. I compared Chromeleon to the Didspade pigments and they are equal in richness and shiftiness but Chromeleon is more metallic and applied more smoothly. On to the pretty pictures! (Keep in mind, still pics really do not do these justice, video below to see them in action)

Purchase Chromeleon here:

Here is the Super Wicked color and shifts lineup (aptly named after 9 comic book villainesses) :

Chimera: magenta, copper, chartreuse

Phoenix: burgundy, amber, gold

Scandal: cerise, copper, gold

Enchantress: plum, cerise, bronze gold

Circe: indigo, violet, magenta, chartreuse

Nocturna: dark indigo blue, dark violet, cerise, bronze

Mystique: cerulean, blue, violet, magenta

Livewire: green, turquoise aqua, blue

Ivy: plum, forest, teal, iris, magenta

img_8807 img_8797 img_8800 img_8804 img_8798 img_8806 img_8799 img_8801

screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-48-16-pm screen-shot-2016-10-05-at-11-51-58-pm

Here’s a short video showing these gems in action!


2 comments on “Review: Chromeleon by Social Claws

  1. berenice

    Hi I would like to order the complete chromeleon set, when will stock be available and what is the shipping charges to Australia and cost of the set please.

    1. Kim

      Hi Berenice,

      I am not the seller. Please go to to purchase the set and inquire about shipping.