IBD Just Gel 2017 Nudes Collection

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Who doesn’t love a beautiful, creamy nude or neutral toned polish? I realized after seeing some swatches of the recent IBD launch of their newest nudes that I really didn’t have anything close to these 8 beauties. I’ve also never purchased an entire collection of any gel polish before because there were always colors that I just wasn’t interested in but I adore all the shades in this collection so much I wanted to share the pretty pictures with you.


For those not familiar with the IBD brand, it’s an all gel soak off polish (not a gel and lacquer hybrid like Shellac) in a bottle and is LED/UV curable. The formula is very nice, most colors need only 2 coats for opacity but there are some that are more sheer and require 3-4 coats but there aren’t many of those. In my experience with this brand there is little to no ‘shrink back’  with most of their colors. Wear is the typical 2-3 weeks and soaks off in about 10 min. It’s also one of the more affordable brands, prices average between $7-10 online and can be purchased gel polish only or in a duo pack with a matching lacquer. This is an all-around good gel polish at a terrific price point.

All the shades in the 2017 Nudes Collection are creams, apply perfectly and are opaque in 2 coats. Links to purchase are listed at the bottom of this post.

But First…: this is a lovely off-white cream color that would work well with most skin tones. Depending on lighting this can look like below, more cream color or like in the pic above, more eggshell off-white. Either way, one of my faves.

Sinful Grin: a creamy grey toned neutral.

Bedside Aura: a soft, pale peach toned cream. Like a peach-cicle.

Faint Kiss: a creamy flesh-toned pink.

Skin Deep: A wonderful medium tone taupe.

Nobody But You: this is a beautiful lavender/grey based taupe.

Dim the Lights: a gorgeous medium tone cocoa brown, my fave…this one reminded me of Hershey cocoa powder.

Buxom Bombshell: a deep, rich, yummy chocolate brown.


I hope you have enjoyed seeing the new collection. Links to purchase individually listed below.

But First…
Sinful Grin
Bedside Aura
Faint Kiss
Skin Deep
Nobody But You
Dim the Lights
Buxom Bombshell


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  1. Suzanne

    I love these colors I want them all but I don’t think they are in Ireland yet :-(