Nail Art Resources

I get a lot of questions about where I buy my nail art supplies so I thought I’d just do a list where everyone can reference the links to them. Of course these aren’t the only places to buy these items but they are places I’ve had good experiences with and are reliable.


Beauty School Directory
Here is a great resource directory of nail and beauty related schools for anyone interested in pursuing their passion. There are many fields such as Cosmotology, Nail Technician, Makeup Artist, Teacher Training and many more! Check it out here:

No-Wipe Top Coats- Needed for chrome, multi-chrome and other pigments.

Gel Paints
Mosaic gel paint
First Gel gel paint
Moyra Gel and gel paints (Just message the seller on Facebook with the items you want and she will send you a PayPal invoice.)
LVMAY gel paints
Crystal Nails Royal Gel (thick and opaque enough to be a great paint)
EMI gel paint and empasta
Akzentz Gel Play gel paint

Nail art brushes:
My fave- Crystal Nails brushes

Sugar: by Social Claws:
The place for top quality nail items like cosmetic nail pigments, (including the one and only original Luminaura Aurora, silver chrome, multi-chrome, holo, O-pal and magnetic) and beautiful nano gem caviar and multi chrome pigment flakes. She is constantly adding new and exciting products.

Nail tips for practice:
Short almond shape
Long stiletto shape
Ballerina shape
Oval shape
Square shape
Swatch sticks: square 50 pieces

Magnetic crystal nail stand
Tacky Putty: to stick practice nails on stand

Swarovski Crystals:  Crystal Sizing Chart
Art Beads
Fusion Beads
Fire Mountain Gems

Magical Pick
 – A stylus with a small sticky end that’s great for picking up crystals and other embellishments.
Crystal Katana – Larger stylus for picking up and positioning crystals and other embellishments

Various nail art embellishments sites:
Daily Charme
Nail Arts Queen
Nail Labo
Dollar Nail Art
Ali Express
Born Pretty Store

Stamping plates I own:
Dashica: Big SdP, XL, Dash and Infinity
MoYou London
Mundo De Unas – message her to order
Lesly – message her to order
Messy Mansion
Nailz Craze
Sugar Bubbles – message her to order
Bundle Monster
Red Angel
My Online Shop
Uber Chic


Stamping Plates I don’t own:
StampAholics – message her to order
BBF – message her to order
Betina – message her to order
Fab Ur Nails – Sold through Llarowe





19 comments on “Nail Art Resources

  1. jamilyn

    Where do you purchase your swatching sticks? I’ve ordered from eBay, but they seemed really flimsy. Just curious which ones you like.

  2. Loyda Crespo

    I found you on Instagram, and I love all your work!!!! So I have a question, I know you mentioned on there that you used very thick gel polish duo chrome from Indigo to place stones, what else do you use? I usually just use the gel top coat then place it, cure, then add numerous layers of top coat. When I do that though, I kind of loose the effect of the stone. What do you do to guarantee it will stay on?

    1. Kim

      Hi Loyda,

      I used the Indigo to form the stone, it was thick enough to hold it’s shape. I just cured a mound of it on a nail sticker frame. I have also created 3D stones using Gelish Structure. Check out my video on making your own gems, I show you the different ways and materials you can use. If you need to attach a metal frame to your nail you can use base gel as the ‘glue’, just lay down a little base, place the frame in the base and then cure. Mine stay put for up to a week.

  3. Kathy Murrell

    I didn’t see any information on what type of stamper you use…..what do you use and where did you get it from?

    1. Kim

      I use an XL squishy stamper from Ninja Poilsh. They have closed up shop but if you do a search for XL stamper you’ll find lots of options.

  4. Illuministic

    I am definitely going to look for the XL squishy stamper. Do you have any suggestions on how to make the pad less sticky? I’ve heard that the images do not transfer very well, but it’s the largest size stamper around.

    1. Kim

      Some stampers that use a too soft silicone can be very sticky, I had a friend with one and the only thing that seemed to help was wiping with acetone, I don’t recommend this for firmer pads because it can degrade the silicone over time. I read that some people have had luck using a Mr Clean Magic Eraser to get the pad prepped.

  5. andrenette Clark

    Where do you get the tile from that you put your polishes on top do art work with

    1. Kim

      It’s a center glass tile from a bigger decorative tile leftover from when we built our house. I’m sure you could fine something similar at Home Depot or Lowes.

  6. andrenette Clark

    Hi Kim. .whet did you purchase your Akzentz no-wipe Top Coat…thanks

  7. Hilaryanne

    Where did you get your pumping alcohol bottle?

  8. Ana Kim

    Hi Kim,
    I’m so amazed with your work!
    Can you please share the link where you but detail brush and cleaner brush?
    Thank you

  9. Gina M Perez

    Hi, I just saw for first time your work and I love it. Where I can get the magnet kit? I’m not a professional but I want to try what I just saw.

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